Health Guarantee
Our Guarantee

2 Year Health Warranty!
We offer the best warranty in the pet industry!

This warranty is included at no additional cost to you.
Our puppies have a required 7 day stay at our home when arriving to us from the breeder.
This is not optional and will not be changed for any reason. We take the health and welfare
of our puppies very seriously. This is to make for a happy transaction between buyer and
We offer a 2 year congenital/genetic guarantee for our puppies. Best Puppies has a written
agreement between buyer and seller with all terms an conditions of sale of teacup puppies.

Before payment is sent we will send you our contract with terms and conditions. This
contract has to be faxed back to us before puppy will be shipped/delivered. If picking up
your puppy you may bring the contract to us in person at time of pickup.
Seller Must take puppy to a licensed vet within 3 days of arrival.

Illness Coverage for your Puppy Included in our Warranty

Respiratory Infection: Initial Signs/Symptoms must be reported within 4 days after arrival.
Giardia lambia: Initial Signs/Symptoms must be reported within 4 days after arrival.
Gastroenteritis: Initial Signs/Symptoms must be reported within 3 days after arrival.
Canine Distemper: Initial Signs/Symtoms must be reported within 7 days after arrival
Canine Parvo: Initial Signs/Symptoms must be reported within 7 days after arrival.
Hypoglycemia: Initial Signs/Symptoms must be reported within 2 hours after arrival.
External Parasites: reported upon arrival.

Death due to Covered Illness:  Death Benefits are only provided to those covered illnesses
listed above which result in the death.  The benefit is replacement puppy of same/equal
quality only plus $1000 to help compensate for any veterinary hospital expenses incurred
prior to or related to the death by a licensed veterinarian.
Only Major Organ Dysfunction is covered in our 2 year Congential/Genetic Warranty:
Liver, Heart, Lungs, and Kidneys.

Please remember that adult weight, color, breeding/show is not guaranteed in our warranty.

There could be up to 90 waiting period for all reimbursements/replacements with our
Steps for making a claim:
Fax All Medical Bills/Info including diagnostic testing if completed, copies of x-rays if
completed , Vaccination Records to date,   Initial Puppy Exam * required puppy sees vet
within 3 days of arrival for any claim to be considered for reimbursement or replacement *
Email us at  to notify us that claim is being filed and
please include fax number for which documents were sent from.
All claims will be evaluated and a response will be sent within 3 business days of approval,
denial or request for further information.
All claims will be paid/reimbursed within 90 days of approval.

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