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Best PuppiesBest Puppies

I began my Google search for a particular mix breed of puupy called names
Cavapoo/Cavoodle. Puppyfind.com was one of the only sites to offer specific breed
search. They offered a low membership fee and their breeders are properly vetted.
After only 2 weeks of waiting, we were put in contact with Best Puppiess who was able
to get Lamar to us a week later. Lamar is a healthy, happy, loving, well-socialized and
crate trained puppy. She’s extremely smart and our entire family is so in love. Thank
you Best Puppies
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Christina of Duluth, MN Verified Reviewer
Once warm weather moves in my puppy Taz would retreat to the coolness of the
bathroom tile. We literally did not see him for hours. I received the COOL PAD and
placed it in the hall where he normally likes to stay. He absolutely loves it. I also take it in
the car and to the groomers so he can lay on it when hes waiting. For the first few days I
would have to place him on it but he finally got the idea and now lies down by himself. Its
so nice to have him back in the living area. The price was very reasonable and I highly
recommend the COOL PAD.

Thanks Best Puppies
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Customer service were very prompt and courteous. Communicated well with
questions and concerns. I didn't give 5 stars only because, after the puppy was fully
paid for I had difficulty setting up pick up info until just before pick up date, which
made things a little difficult because we were traveling 1000 miles by RV. We are
very pleased with the puppy but it would have been more helpful to get back ground
from the handler on what transpired with him for the first 12 weeks of his life. Good
follow up training info afterwards.

Thanks Best Puppies
We are truly thankful that we learned about Best Puppies
Max is a true family companion. Her loyalty and unconditional love makes her the ideal
family member. She loves to travel and has accompanied us on various business and
pleasure trips. In addition, she was easily trained to act accordingly so that she can be
taken to the office during work hours. Max’s playful demeanor also allows her to
frequently provide comic relief. We are truly thankful that we learned about Best Puppies
and decided to receive one of their puppies.
Bill and Lynn Moseley Thanks Best Puppies
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Exactly what I wanted and needed

I have had Labradors all my life. But I have never had dogs like the ones from Best Puppies.
What first impressed me was the setting of where the dogs are breed, and the beautiful rural
environment. What dogs wouldn't be happy and of good nature being hand raised here? It
wasn't just the setting or the nature of the dogs. It was the whole package: good dogs and good
training. This setting and attention may not be for everyone, but it was exactly what I wanted and
needed to make my two dogs, Duke & Duchess, a loving part of my family and my life.

S. Fox  Thanks Best Puppies
If you want customer service this is the place to go!"

"The staff is always willing to help you find the right puppy for what you need. Yes you pay
a little bit more but if you go to other places you're not going to get the help you want in
buying products. The puppies are always seem well taken care of and clean. They will
even let you play will them even if you just want to play so that they can socialize them."
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James Franco, MN Verified Reviewer
Bill and Lynn Moseley CT  Verified Reviewer
S. Fox IN Verified Reviewer
Virginia of New Bedford, MA Verified Reviewer
My family and I were looking for a new puppy to become one of the family. We'd been
searching the ads in our local paper to no avail. We were ready to give up the search until
one day while searching online, Diamond Puppies came up. We were really happy to order
from them and our puppy came on time just as it was plan
Halle Berry WI Verified Reviewer
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